Real estate in Germany

Real estate broker Germany

Do you need support on purchasing and selling commercial or residential real estate investments in Germany? A realtor or real estate broker Germany with specific regional knowledge can be of great support. There are several different real estate offers available all over Germany, next to the innovative way of placing your requesting ad and receive offers automatically. There are organizations of transactions, investments and the sales team for your investment proposal. The following real estate broker Germany and categories can be found

    • residential, multi-family,
    • commercial buildings,
    • office buildings and office space
    • properties and sites of all kind – as well as
    • retail shops, specialty markets and centers, shopping centers,
    • production space, warehouses, logistics properties and
    • industrial,
    • hotels,
    • senior housing and assisted living buildings.

Every real estate agent in Germany or real estate broker Germany has the benefit of a profound knowledge of the regional specific market and in the area of German real estate, along with many years’ of experience in the investment real estate sector. It is very needy to have an understanding of each and every region and the right access to the German real estate market. Usually it depends on the broker or sales agent one is working with.

Real estate broker Germany

Germany is a stable economy with an excellent infrastructure. The German real estate market has shown a tremendous upside, since the financial crisis 2009. There is and has been a massive change in investment opportunities, caused through the housing bubble in the US and its mortgage backed security crisis. This development led to an investment overflow in German concrete gold (“Betongold”). Multifamily and commercial real estate investments are now considered as stable incoming and yield producing real estate assets in Germany. The better the tenant and location the pricier those assets get and the lower the cap-rates are. Investing in some parts in Germany is nowadays more considered as maintenance of its capital than as an investment and yield producing opportunity, most of the real estate broker Germany would agree upon. It depends on your asset profile and one´s regional know how and specifications on how much of a profit can be made. One can still earn money on real estate in Germany, but the cap-rate levels have decreased tremendously and reached new lows. The CAP-rates are still tending to the downside. In most cases it is helpful to have a real estate professional along. The language barrier is the first step one has to hover, next to the strict and new regulation within the German real estate market.

New approach for real estate searching parties in Germany

Are you interested in investing in commercial, retail or office buildings in Germany and properties in and around the larger cities? There is a new approach on how you get your hands on those kinds of assets easily and without any language barriers. Feel free to get in touch with Immobase – Immobase will turn your request into an advertisement. You will receive offers automatically out of app. 25.000 free of commission offers immediately. Immobase specializes in requesting ads and investment properties within Germany for English speaking investors. The real estate broker Immobase offers a professional and optimized tailored strategy for your investment criteria’s. In general the searching request data base offers publicly listed investment opportunities, which can be disclosed directly after publishing your real estate request. Immobase will advise new strategies of getting offers and build the bridge and the upcoming real estate investment in Germany. Immobase can provide lots of offers as a foreign investor has never heard of. New and unknown real estate opportunities will come with Immobase – for rent or to buy.
Most of the real estate investments we focus nowadays a shown online and as a pdfs mostly published within the webpage of the requesting party. A perfect match can also be achieved through a real estate sales agent, who understands the market and your investment demand. Favorable cities for real estate investments are big cities with access to universities and growth of their population. Usually it depends on the real estate broker in Germany or sales agent one is working along with. As a foreigner it is hard to get access to the right and interesting offers and deals. Immobase is willing to change that. Wheather there is a real estate boom or bust nearby, a real estate advisor in Germany can be of great support.

Differences between residential and commercial real estate investments in Germany

Since the economic crisis of 2009, everyone’s talking about “concrete gold”. Although denounced as a boring investment in the past, commercial buildings are in high demand by investors, even in less attractive regions. Commercial real estate offers security topped-off by attractive yields. Nonetheless, purchase and management of properties comes with many potential risks that should be considered in time. Commercial real estate investments in Germany invest in general in office and retail buildings; they are the basis for institutional investors and on behalf of their diversificational needs. One of the key differences compares to residential assets is based in its leasing regulations, they can be individually negotiated. Investments in commercial properties are also associated with greater business hazard. Commercial real estate is a solid investment opportunity offering higher yields. Residential real estate investments are considered as a stable and less volatile capital investment. Residential assets are enjoying a renaissance in investment since the economic crisis began. In addition to numerous institutional investors, private individuals are also putting their capital in “secure concrete”. The laws and regulations for multifamily units are much in favor for the tenant in Germany. One has to consider also that the leasing terms are much longer than in other countries. If you want to invest in residential or multifamily units, make sure you understand the differences. In any case it is always good to have a German speaking real estate expert on your side. If the volume reaches a certain amount it is surely helpful to have a real estate lawyer along.

Which cities are favorable as real estate broker Germany?

Some regions in Germany especially in the eastern part have negative growth statistics and don´t show much of a positive outlook for the future. Favorable cities for real estate investments are

  • Munich
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Stuttgart
  • Frankfurt
  • Cologne
  • Hannover

and all other big cities with access to universities and growth of their population. Those are the region real estate investors should be looking for in Germany. A searching agent can be of great support, if one doesn´t know of how th access the market.

Real estate broker Germany
Real estate broker Germany

Real estate buying or investment offers in Germany

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